Love to cook to bake to try new recipe..

Yeah.. this is my new hobby.. i am totally newbie. Learn baking mostly from blog-walking and cooking from asked my mom.

I love to try new recipe every weekend, after one week work as accountant that always look at a lot number and number, i like to bake or cook some new recipe neither to go out and it become addicted. I almost do baking / cooking every weekend to try new recipe or recooked our favorite dishes. Most of the recipe there is my first attempt which i got from another blog, some cookbook or from my mom..  i make this blog for archive all recipe i have try

I also enjoy food photograph and still learn about it, i took all photo of my cook & bake food and  share it here at my kitchen gallery. Mostly the pic are taken using my smartphone (currently is Samsung Galaxy E7) So, Please pardon me for the humble pic and far enough to call it good food photography also pardon my bad English writing.

Hope you all enjoy this humble food blog!
Have a nice day

Vika Lynn 

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