Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Chocolate Mousse Cake

My first time trying to make some birthday cake or cake need whipping cream and you must decorated it. I'm really weak at decorate things. My chocolate cake turn out a little bit messy. But the mousse is really nice not so creamy & sweet. Just like what i want. Really make me happy. Despite from the messy look, it taste quite delicious..

chocolate mousse cake

chocolate mousse cake 02
chocolate mousse cake 01

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Source: Nasi Lemak Lover
Sponge Cake
4 egg yolks (large)
20g caster sugar
50g corn oil
60g milk
15g cocoa powder
75g cake flour

4 egg white (large)
1/4tsp cream of Tartar
40g caster sugar

How To Make:
1. Lightly whisk egg yolk with sugar.
2. Add in corn oil, stir to combine.
3. Add in milk, stir to combine, then add in cocoa powder & chocolate emulco, mix well.
4. Add in cake flour, mix well, set aside.
5. Add cream of tartar into egg white, beat till foamy.
6. Gradually add in sugar, beat till stiff peaks or close to stiff.
7. Take 1/3 portion of egg white mixture and use hand whisk to mix with egg yolk mixture till light.
8. Fold the balance of egg white mixture into egg yolk mixture using a spatula, combine well.
9. Pour batter into the pan (do not need to line with baking paper and do not use a non-stick pan).
10. Bake at pre-heated oven at 140c for 25mins (at lower rack), then increase to 170C and continue to bake for 25mins.
11. Remove cake from oven and cool on a wire rack (prefer to invert the cake pan).
12. Once cake is slightly cool down(10-15mins), remove cake from cake tin (use a think and flat spatula to run around the side and bottom of the cake pan) and let it cool completely on a wire rack

Chocolate mousse

50g UHT whipping cream
50g milk
1 egg yolk (A size), lightly stir well
150g chocolate
150g UHT whipping cream

How To Make:
1.Beat 150g whipping cream till stiff (over a bowl of iced water), keep in the fridge before use.
2.Mix whipping cream and milk in a saucepan, cook it till hot.
3.Remove saucepan and wait slightly warm, add in egg yolk, stir to mix well.
4.Return saucepan to heat, stir to mix well.
5.Melt chocolate over simmering water till melted. Add chocolate into milk mixture, cook over low heat till thicken.
6.Wait till chocolate mixture cool down, mix in the whipped cream, stir to combine.

Chocolate Glaze
80 ml whipped cream
100 gr dark cooking chocolate (dcc)
1 tsp butter

How To Make:
1. Melted dcc in double boiler. let it cool down
2. Add in whipped cream, stir until well combine
3. Add in butter.

To assemble chocolate mousse cake:
- slice sponge cake into 2 pcs
- divide chocolate mousse into 2 portions.
- Using a cake ring or removable bottom cake pan, place one piece of sponge cake then pour in chocolate mousse.
- repeat the rest till finished.
- Pour in chocolate glaze.
- Refrigerate for 4hrs or preferable overnight.

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  1. This looks sublime! All those delicious layers!


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