Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sausage Bread ( Water Roux Method )

This weekend, I am trying to make some sausage bread using water roux method. Also too answer my curiosity, is bread making with water roux method really can produce softer bread? Water roux starter is a mixture of flour and water. That is to combine together one portion of bread flour and five portions of water by weight in a pot. Heat up the mixture to bring out the gelatinization of starch in flour. What makes the bread baked with this kind of starter difference is Starch Gelatinization, which helps to engage more water, namely more water will be absorbed, to provide a characteristic softer, more elastic-textured bread. Moreover, the bread will have long-lasting freshness. (source: Angie's Recipe)
sausage roll

I learn how to braided the bread from here and how to make caterpillar bread from here.
Sausage Bread

200 gr bread flour
100 gr all purpose flour
70 gr sugar
1 sdm milk powder
1 egg
5 gr instant yeast
100 gr water roux
85 – 100 ml warm water
60 gr margarine
½ sdt salt

Water roux:
25 gr bread flour
125 ml water

8 sausage
4 sliced cheddar cheese, cut into 2 piece
some minced chive mayonnaise
chili sauce
1 beaten egg for egg wash

How To make:
water roux
1. Add in flour and water into a saucepan, Stir until smooth
2. Cook over medium heat, keep stir until thickened or become roux.but don't let it boil.
3. Remove from heat. let it cool down
1. Add and mix all dry ingredients and water roux mixture into a large bowl except salt.
2. Knead the dough until smooth and shiny.
3. Let it rise until 2 time more about 45 minutes - 1 hour
4. Divide the dough into 70 grams each.
5. Make into caterpillar and braided shape.
6. Let it rise again for 20 minutes
7. Brush the upper face with egg wash
8. Bake in oven 180 celsius until golden brown about 20 minutes

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