Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Chicken Noodle Soup - No Recipe

oops.. sorry this post have no recipe posted


Long long time ago, on one sunday morning i was preparing this chicken noodle soup for breakfast, i got into a lot into much trouble, almost burned the kitchen.. why? because i use very small 12 or 15cm saucepan to grill the bbq chicken. and the fire from the gas stove caught the oil inside pan and the fire up almost 1 meter in the saucepan like professional chef cooking show which show you how to light up fire with some help of wine.  >,<
Luckily i am not afraid when the fire light up, i quickly turn off the stove, bring the saucepan to the sink and the fire disappeared. Thanks God. and i continue to cook the chicken noodle.

This chicken noodle is delicious, the soup is rich with chewy noodle. I like it so much! But a bit lazy to make it again, too many things need to prepare. 

Why i did not post the recipe? Because i don't have any exact measurement for each ingredients.
The Chicken noodle contented, soup - noodles - bbq chicken - ramen egg - tofu puff - green vegetables.
For the soup base, i am using chicken bone, some onion, green onions and carrot for making chicken stock.
For the bbq chicken, i marinade the chicken with chinese cha siew sauce then grill it in saucepan
For ramen egg, soft boiled the egg and marinade one night in dark soy sauce and some sugar.
For noodle, i am using noodle for wonton noodle.

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