Friday, December 27, 2013

Golden Prawn 933

I love eat.. that why the way i celebrate Christmas is with have a dinner.. although i am not a christian but i do love christmas feel. when you go around you can see a christmas tree everywhere, cafe, restaurant, supermarket, mall and others place are decorating with christmas theme and playing christmas carol. I like it very much

So, in this Christmas. we decide to have a dinner at 933 golden prawn. We want to have a seafood (especially He-Po, He po is kind of prawn like small lobster maybe) dinner. first we plan go to barelang jembatan 2 seafood. but already to late and hungryyyy so we decide just go to Golden Prawn 933 at bengkong laut because if we go to barelang may took almost 30-45minutes to arrive the resto..

The restaurant is like "kelong", when we arrive, one waiter will guide us to choose what seafood we want and the seafood still alive in the pound and fresh. we can also see the price of the menu per kilogram. They  have shell, Crab, kind of prawn, lobster, kind of fish, gong-gong, snail, squid and others (sorry i don't remember all :p)
so we choose ikan kerapu, ranjungan and cumi-cumi. not so satisfied with today seafood hunting. Because seafood we want out of stock like hepo and shell.

we arrive restaurant around 5p.m so still not so crowd, first we choose to sit near the pound so we can enjoy the outside view very well but today wind is really too strong for me. what a windy day today.. so we choose to move to another table but still the wind is strong only a lil better.

First menu that arrive is baby kaylan.. i like it so much. not so salty and the vegie is soft.. Nice

Cumi-Cumi Goreng Tepung ( Fried squid) is squid that fried with bread flour, taste good too, the squid is so chewy.

Around IDR 50.000

Ranjungan Lada Hitamm ( Crab with black pepper sauce) is crab that serve with thick black pepper sauce, the crab is really delicious, the crab meat so tasty, chewy. Really nice. But the sauce is still need some improvement. i cant taste the blackpepper well

around IDR 50.000 for one small crab and one medium size

and last, after wait for such a long time (haha.. only around 15-20mnt) ikan kerapu saus asam manis that we ordered finally be served. Haiss.. other food already cold because of the windy day. the wind is too strong and make our food cold very fast. 
Ikan Kerapu saus asam manis is fried fish that being pour by thick sour sweet sauce with pineapple and green peas. This is one is nice both the fried fish and the sauce taste good. The fish meat is so soft and lil bit crispy combine with the sauce. Really delicious

Price (25.000/kg) the fish we choose around 0.5kg (IDR 150.000)

For this christmas dinner, i only gift 3 stars from 5 stars. First, i think the waiter/waitress is not too friendly, second, our menu is not come at the same time and we should wait other menu come and it took a lil bit long and make others menu cold already.. 
We spend around IDR 250.000 - 260.000 for this dinner. Quite acceptable for two person to enjoy seafood..

Bengkong Laut

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