Monday, January 20, 2014

Kedai Kopi Anambas Nagoya

Good Morning..

last saturday, as usually we have a breakfast together before go to work.
and today choice is breakfast at Kedai Kopi Anambas but at Nagoya, last time we have eat at Sei Panas
You can find the review here..

Not much different for their menu both at nagoya and sei panas. so i think maybe kedai kopi anambas is a franchise.. (we ask the cashier here, they said their boss is different with sei panas one - that why i think maybe is franchise.. hehehe)

okay, let start. the place is very spacious although it only one building (ruko). because not so crowd, we came at 7.30 a,m.. and we are the first customer for them and after we finished our breakfast still noone come, we ever came here last time at friday for the lunch time-still not so crowd too, only few people come here. quite big different if you compare with sei panas one. that very crowd..
I think, maybe still not so many people know that still have another kedai kopi anambas that serve mie tarempa at nagoya.

For today menu, we choose
Mie Tarempa Basah
you can see at the pic, that not basah (have soup one) but only a very less soup there, look more like fried one. For the taste is same for me.. same delicious but a lil bit salty.. >,<

Mie Sagu Basah

My bf choose this one.. he want to try another menu.. this is one was good.. very yummy, mie sagu is chewy and the soup was nice., Quite different with mie sagu we ever try at other place.. but i admit this one more delicious.. (Recomended to try)

For drink, of course Teh O in the morning.. Tea is good to drink with ur breakfast but dont put to many sugar. Can make u feel more fresh after consume this heavy breakfast

Seberang sambal ijo podomoro nagoya

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