Monday, January 20, 2014

Vegas Cafe

Another cafe that serve western food to try..
Tonite dinner we decide to eat at Vegas cafe. a cafe that located at nagoya. 
when first time i look inside the cafe, wahh.. so small the seat is very near to another table.. feel dont like to enter this cafe.. but my bf said that still have a place to sit.. so i think, i already came here why not have a try.. Honestly, i don't like a resto/cafe that the seat is near to another customer. Feel like have no privacy. that u can hear what others talk and other can hear what u talk too.. 
oh ya, vegas cafe still have outdoor.. but we know that nowadays wind is very strong.. too cold to sit at outside and the windy will really bother you when start to enjoy your meal

so lets start, choose the menu.. not only western food serve here, vegas cafe also serve local food like ayam penyet and others
but today we feel like to eat western food. so this is our choice

Chicken Burger Steak
This burger serve on plate with some french fries and peanut.. inside the burger was chicken ham, slice tomato, cucumber and lettuce with mayo sauce - tomato & spicy ketchup..
Taste Nice.. Not much different from burger that sold outside like burger boy etc. 
About IDR 17.000

Hot Stone Chicken Steak
I ordered it, because i'm curious what different for chicken steak that serve ini hot stone and hot plate..
and there u can see.. chicken steak on hot stone, u grill the chicken meat by yourself.. hahaha .. quite fun.. and the meat is very juicy, soft and nice. i like the most is really hot.. Very delicious when u dip the meat in mushroom sauce and bite some salad..
But if u want to eat comfortable better choose hotplate one, that u can directly enjoy the steak..
About IDR 48.000, hotplat IDR 35.000
Before Cook

After cooked
Zuppa Soup
cream soup inside the pastry puff.. i think zuppa soup at pizza hut more delicious.. hahaha.. The cream soup just so so, and the pastry puff is very thick.. 
About IDR 15.000
For drinks we choose green summer that like apple juice & blue lagoon this one too sweet for me..

Overall, we satisfied with this dinner. we spend only about IDR 120.000.. very worth.. i will come back again to this cafe to try pasta and pizza.. but hope they expand their place and set the seat become more spacious

Komplek Batama Nusa Permai Blok. C No. 6 (Nagoya) 
Batam, Kepulauan Riau

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