Saturday, January 3, 2015

Grand Duck Resto ( Nagoya Hill )

As usual, every new years we go out for dinner.try some new resto/menu that we never eat before. for this year (today) actually we planned to dinning at panties pizza, want to try some new style of pizza at our town, But there are too crowd and already no table available so we search for another place for dinning that not too crowd because we both are on hungry mode need to fill our tummy as soon as possible. So we come to grand duck (we look from outside, not too crowd-still many table available) to have some Chinese food.

Although we see they are not very crowd, we still have to wait quite a long time for all our food to be served and they served it one by one with quite a long distance per menu (10 minutes maybe). I don't know how they arranged their order, but its not fair if other customer that order after us got their food first and it happened to us just now. I saw that table beside us ordered (maybe 3-5 minutes ) after us but they got their two menu first before us.

We already come to this restaurant several time and quite like their food. so as today is new year we choose menu that we have not ate before. We try their popular dish duck just like their restaurant name "Grand Duck"

This is what we ordered.
Mala Roasted Duck ( Recommended)
Roasted duck with chinese chili sauce, the duck is really well marinated, chewy and juicy. I like it so much. But the chili sauce ( ma la ) is a lit bit salty for me.
IDR 78.000 for quarter duck

Ma la Roasted Duck (quarter)

Stir green beans with chicken in chili sauce
Another dish with chili sauce, the taste is yummy as always, but i think because the chili sauce make this dish become more oily.. so if you dont like your veggie oily, i recommended to order stir fried without chili sauce.
IDR 40.000-50.000
Stir Green Beans with Chicken in Chili Sauce

Fried shitake mushrooms with garlic
Crunchy outside and juicy inside from the fresh shitake mushroom. not so special but still delicious. 
IDR 42.000
Fried Shitake Mushroom with Garlic

We also order 2 portion of hainan rice (@ IDR 9.000), the rice is so fragrant but some rice is not fully cooked, one glass of ice sweet tea (IDR 10.800) and one glass of orange juice (IDR 18.800)

Overall, we have a delicious dinner at Grand duck resto despite the quite a long time (maybe because its so crowd) wait for all our menu to be served. 

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