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I do like watching Korean drama and variety show, for that most effect me is their food. Especially from Running Man variety shows when they have food mission or cooking mission, look at food they eat make me growling. Like teokpokki, kimchi, kimchi ramyun, bimbibap and all grill meat and stew. All look really yummy and i want to eat all.. I have search for Korean dish recipe, but more of their paste , sauce or others ingredient not sold at Korean mart here. So, from all Korean food i am craving for only kimchi that i can homemade. I got the recipe from here and make sort modification according to taste and ingredients available at my place.

Kim Chi


1 napa cabbage (sawi putih)
1/2 carrots, slice thinly
4 scallions, chopped
4 cloves of garlic, grated.
1 knuckle of ginger, grated.
6 tbsp chili powder
2 tsp salt (garam halus)
1 tbsp sugar.
1/2 cup sea salt. (garam kasar)
2 tbsp light soy sauce.

How To Make:
1. Trim the discolored outer leaves of 10 pounds of napa cabbage.
2. Cut the cabbage lengthwise into quarters and remove the cores. Chop it up into bite size pieces.
3. Soak the pieces of cabbage in cold water and put the soaked cabbage into a large basin. Sprinkle sea-salt.
4. After 30 minutes, turn the cabbage over to salt evenly.
5. One hour later rinse the cabbage in cold water 3 times to clean it thoroughly.
6. Drain the cabbage and set aside
7. Mix all others seasoning in large basin. mix well and become kimchi paste
8. Mix the cabbage into kimchi paste by hand.
9. Store in airtigh container to fermentation. it took about 2 days for become sour and ready to eat. if you like to eat fresh kimchi, you can directly eat after make it.

I make some kimchi ramyun too from my homemade kimchi.

Kimchi Ramyun

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