Friday, April 25, 2014

Kiwi Mille Feuille

Normally is strawberry mille feuille,  kind of dessert that make with puff pastry topped with custard cream or whipping cream and strawberry. Because nowadays strawberry is a little bit hard found in supermarket at my place so i replace strawberry with kiwi. Also my family like kiwi more than strawberry.



Kiwi Mille-Feuille

Serve: 2 small portion

Custard Cream
1 egg yolk
1 tbsp flour (8gr)
1 tsp butter (4gr)
1 tbsp + 1 tsp sugar (16 gr)
70 ml milk
Vanilla essence

2 tbsp icing sugar
60 gr whipping cream
Some sugar

1 kiwi
3 sheet Puff pastry (8x6cm)
Beaten egg for brushing

How To Make:
1. Mix the egg yolks with half of the sugar and some milk. Whisk until blended.
2. Stir in the flour, mix well untill completed
3. Heat the remaining sugar and milk in a saucepan until bubbles out. Remove and mix into egg mixture.
4. Cook again until thick. Add butter and stir well. Set aside custard cream or chill in refrigerate for a while.
5. Beat the whipped cream over a bowl of ice water until soft peak add icing sugar. Chill in refrigerator
6. Cut puff pastry, prick with a fork. Brush with beaten egg. Bake in oven 200 Celsius around 15 minutes until golden brown.
7. Divide 1 puff pastry become 2 sheet
8. Pipe some custard cream on a plate, place 1 pcs puff pastry, pipe custard cream, place sliced kiwi, pipe in whipped cream, place 1 pieces puff pastry. do that for another one layer.
9. Place last puff pastry. Pipe some whipped cream, put 1 piece of slice kiwi.

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