Saturday, August 8, 2015

Chicken mushroom Bruschetta with happy call

This is my first experience baking using happy call pan, quite amazed it work well. i bought half bruschetta from mart, then just simply cut and topped it with mushroom - chicken and mozzarella cheese and baked it at happy call pan. it turn out pretty good, the mozzarella cheese melt well (not golden brown like using oven) and the bruschetta was crispy. quite satisfied with the result

Chicken Mushroom Bruschetta

Make about 5-6 pcs
Half french bread (bruschetta)
1 tbsp spaghetti sauce
3 tbsp tomato ketchup
1 cloves garlic
50 gr chicken fillet, cubed
5 button mushroom, cut half
1 tsp oyster sauce
Some ground black pepper
some sweet red bell pepper
Mozzarella cheese, as much as you want


  1. Add a tsp of oil in saucepan, saute garlic till fragrant, add in chicken and mushroom, cook until chicken not pink anymore. Then, add tsp of oyster sauce and one or two tbsp of water, stir well. last, add in ground black pepper and sweet red bell pepper. Cook until almost try. Set aside.
  2. Mix well spaghetti sauce and tomato ketchup, then spread over the bread and topped with chicken mushroom topping.
  3. Spread grated mozzarella cheese over the topping.
  4. Heat the happy call pan, grease with some margarine/butter, put the bread inside the pan. turn the heat to low heat, close the pan and baked around 15 - 20 minutes
  5. It is ready to nom nom enjoyyyy.

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