Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Chocolate Pannacota

Omg, I am still addicted to the silky smooth,wobbly texture of panna cotta and melt in mouth feeling. So when i look at layered coffee panna cotta recipe in christine'blog, i really want to try it as soon as possible.

the layer is so thin

as i don't drink much coffee, i change the coffee powder to cocoa powder. and change cream to evaporated milk since i don't have whip cream in my fridge. it is don't make much difference i think. And i need to reduce amount of sugar next time. it is really really too sweet for me. i can't handle it. i reduce half amount of sugar next time. hahahha

Layered Chocolate Panna Cotta

Source : Christine Recipe with slightly modification

2 tsp gelatin powder
3 heaped tsp ) cocoa powder
250 ml milk, room temperature
250 ml Evaporated milk
60 gm sugar
⅛ tsp salt
milk chocolate bar, shaved, for garnish

  1. Measure out 2 tablespoons of milk from the recipe and mix with the gelatine powder. Let it sit until softened. 
  2. Take out another 3 tablespoons of milk to combine with cocoa powder. Set aside.
  3. Use a sauce pan to heat the remaining milk, evaporated milk, sugar and salt over medium heat until sugar dissolved. Stir in the gelatine. Make sure to dissolve it completely.
  4. Remove from heat. Pour in the cocoa mixture and stir to combine well. Drain through a fine sieve. 
  5. Pour into the cups and jars. Let them sit for 30 minutes, or until two layers are formed. 
  6. Chill in fridge for at least 3 hours. Serve with shaved milk chocolate on top with cherries.

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