Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Indo Rasa

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Last saturday, as usually this is our breakfast day.. Because on the others workday we cant meet at morning
only at saturday we can meet & have breakfast together and go to work
This saturday, we choose to eat at indorasa foodstreet, because we want to eat porridge.
At this place, their have many stand that serve different food, from porridge, nasi lemak, lontong, martabak telur, chicken rice, cha shio rice, fish soup, mix vegie rice and still a lot..
Usually i come here to eat chicken rice, bakcho mie and this is my first time there to eat porridge..
I choose chicken porridge and my bf choose pitan porridge (bubur pitan)

Nahh, this is their chicken porridge, seems like bland porridge with nothing inside, but actually it is not bland, very tasty and have a lot small slices chicken meat inside. if we feel not enough salty , we can put their soyu sauce , pepper by ourselves. we know, each person taste are different.. for me, that is my first time eat porridge outside, i dont like porridge too much so rarely choose porridge become my meal. but this first try is quite yummy.. oh ya, on top they also give us some cha kue, i hope that will be more cha kue.. heheheh
bubur ayam

my bf porridge is bubur pitan, the different with me is they replace the chicken meat with egg call pitan (black one, and when u eat feel a lil bit fresh inside ur mouth).. The taste is same.. same yummy
bubur pitan

But their drink at there not too okay, dun know why their milk coffee is very very bitter, so i just drink a bit.. huhhh

Overall for this breakfast is good, their place is nice, not to noisy.. for the price of this meal cost about IDR 41.000 include two drink..
Location - Komp. Sakura Anpan, Nagoya (samping BCA Nagoya)

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